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Well.. since I joined this community, i might as well post...=]

My name is Megan and i'm from Brooklyn, NY. I'm 18 going on 80... i wish i felt as young as I am. I've traveled to all the corners of the world... well not really. just Chile, Argentina, and a few countries in Scandinavia. My heart is set on Ireland over the summer.. but i don't know how big of a reality that is. I guess once you live in a big city, nothing is ever enough for 'ya!

i love to sing and act. i just finished my final production of my high school career... "Annie Get Your Gun". i was Frank Butler.. the perks of going to an all-girls school.

well... that's all for now... i'm sick and i must be getting to my late homework... i'm such a procrastinator...=/

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